I’ve been working for years with CSLA to create business layer objects. Recently I started using XVal 1.0 and XVal.WebForms 0.1 for client side validation.

I started enforcing our rules as DataAnnotations and also in CSLA AddBusinessRules() method. So if a property of type string was required I used a StringLength DataAnnotation and also a CSLA.Validation.CommonRules.StringMaxLength rule in our business object.

I did not like that solution and today I found out about CSLA.Net 3.8 Beta 1 which now supports DataAnnotations. (Find more about this here

This is a very important enhancement to CSLA, made by Rocky. I tested it without any issues so now here at HexaSystems we don’t longer need to enforce twice these type of rules.

Note tha this CSLA version depends on assembly: System.Windows.Interactivity which comes as part of Microsoft Expression Blend 3 SDK