In one of our recent projects we needed a behavior like the ASP.Net ValidationGroups and also be able to relay on the CausesValidation of all controls implementing IButtonControl interface control.

So the first issue I faced was that jquery-validate plugin version 1.5.1 (The one that xVal.WebForms uses) does not support grouping in an ASP.Net way. I found the solution to this first problem in this article: I did some tests on worldspawn work and did not find any problem with the implementation.

The groups must be defined as in the following sample:

1valgroups: {
2  test: { buttons: [ " ], fields: [ ", " ] },
3  foo: { buttons: [ " ], fields: [", " ] }

So the next issue was making xVal know about this valgroups options and passing it as a parameter to the patched version of jquery-validate. For this I patched again file xVal.jquery.validate.js adding the following lines:

1if (options.valgroups) {
2  validationOptions.valgroups = options.valgroups;

Then it was all about changing xVal.WebForms.ModelValidator control to render the needed javascript to suppress validation when controls have the CausesValidation == false, and render the groups options for xVal.

The complete patch can be found here ID: 4232