When running a query like the following:

1var query = nhib-Arms.Where(a => a.LeftHand.Thumb.Length == 1 || a.RightHand.Thumb.Length == 1);

Thumb alias was always taken as part of the a.LeftHand association path, therefore leading to wrong results.

I’ve worked on patch and test to fix this issue, so Thumb alias is once part of the a.LeftHand association path and once as part of the a.RightHand association path.

You can find a patch file for this issue here: http://github.com/cmendible/nhibernate-contrib/downloads#download_31118

Or you can also download pruiz’s already patched version of nhiberante-contribut project here: http://github.com/pruiz/nhibernate-contrib/commit/eada73cce086a6457e5e64b0413b97a8f53863ac

Hope it helps!!!