Since the year started I’ve been working hard with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) with Git as source control. I was getting tired of entering my git credentials on each clone, pull or push, on Windows or Mac OS X, so this weekend I decided to surf the web and look for a multi-platform solution.

I found exactly what I needed: Git Credential Manager (GCM) a Git credential helper that assists with multi-factor authentication and the best thing is that it works for windows, mac or linux.

To try it on my mac I performed the following steps:

  1. brew update
  2. brew install git-credential-manager
  3. git-credential-manager install

Then I tried to clone a repo hosted in VSTS and the GCM opened a web browser to let me authenticate to my account using OAuth 2.0 as shown in the following picture:

git credential manager

Once authenticated, the clone command completed without issues and could pull or push without Git asking for credentials.

Tomorrow I’ll try it on Windows!

Hope it helps!


I did try it on Windows and everything worked like a charm!