A couple of years ago I started to work with one of my clients to implement an on-premises Service Bus solution.

While investigating the options I discovered a nice library, EasyNetQ: an easy .NET API for RabbitMQ, which inspired me to create a very similar project to simplify the use of pub/sub messaging with Service Bus 1.1 for Windows Server.

I named the project EasyAzureServiceBus and just as EasyNetQ, it’s very simple to use and available to all of you as an open source project:

To connect:

1// Create a bus instance
2IBus bus = AzureCloud.CreateBus();

To publish:

1// Publish a message

To suscribe:

1// Subscribe to a message of type Message
2bus.Subscribe("subscriptionId", msg => Console.WriteLine(msg.Text));

To install:

1PM> Install-Package EasyAzureServiceBus

While the project already supports queues and the nice auto-subscribe feature, it is far from being perfect, and therefor I’m planning for the following features in the near future:

  • Add logging capabilities
  • Proper error handling
  • Improve configuration options, such as: ReceivedMode, Autocomplete, Max Concurrent Calls and Duplicate detection.
  • Extend compatibility to Microsoft Azure Service Bus –> the real deal isn’t it?

Hope it helps.