Detect and Blur Faces with .NET Core and Face API

Today I’ll show you how to create a small console application that will Detect and Blur Faces with .NET Core and Face API.

First be aware of the following prerequisites:

OS Prerequisites
Windows Windows: You must have .NET Core SDK for Windows or both Visual Studio 2015 Update 3* and .NET Core 1.0 for Visual Studio installed.
linux, mac or docker checkout .NET Core

You will also need an Azure Cognitive Services Face API account and the correct set of access keys. (Start here: Subscribe in seconds if you need a Cognitive Service Account and here for the Documentation)

Now let’s start:

1. Create a folder for your new project
2. Create the project
3. Create a settings file
4. Modify the project file
6. Add ImageProcessorCore package source
7. Restore packages
8. Modify Program.cs
9. Build
10. Expected results

You can get the code here:

Hope it helps!

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