.NET Core and Microsoft Bot Framework

Today I’ll show you how to create a simple Skype bot that will reply with the same text message you send to it.

You’ll be using .Net Core and Microsoft Bot Framework. As you already know not every library has been ported to .Net Core so you’ll have to use the Microsoft Bot Connector API – v3.0 to bring the bot to life.

Let me show you what it takes to create a simple bot:

1. Register the bot
2. Create a new .NET Core Web the project
3. Add the following dependencies to your project.json file
4. Add the following section to your appsettings.json file
5. Replace the ConfigureServices in you Startup class
6. Create a BotCredentials class
7. Create TokenResponse class
8. Create a MessagesController class
9. Deploy your bot and add it to your skype
10. Talk to your bot

You can get the code here: https://github.com/cmendible/dotnetcore.samples/tree/master/echobot

Hope it helps!

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  1. I have developed a bot using C# and deployed it using direct line api. I are trying to find a way for the bot to receive a parameter from the website when it initially loads. I want the same bot to work on different websites and want the bot to recognize the website using this parameter sent by the website to the bot and then act according to that website.Is there a way to take a parameter from the website automatically when it loads ?

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