Get Ready: Exam 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

This week I cleared the 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam, and I want to share with you tips about the exam and the resources I used to study:

Should you take the exam?spec_arch_azuresol_logo_bw

If you are an Infrastructure Geek, Developer or Software Architect looking to validate your Microsoft Azure skills then this exam is for you. Also note that Microsoft expects you to:

  • Have experience implementing and monitoring cloud and hybrid solutions.
  • Have experience supporting application lifecycle management.

Skills measured:

  • Implement WebApps (15-20%)
  • Implement virtual machines (15-20%)
  • Implement cloud services (15-20%)
  • Implement storage (15-20%)
  • Implement an Azure Active Directory (15-20%)
  • Implement virtual networks(15-20%)



The Microsoft Virtual Academy is a place filled with great training material and best of all it’s free! Here is the list of courses I completed before the exam:

Practice tests:

Just like for any certification exam, studying with practice tests is key to success.

Hands On:

Be sure to have hands on experience!

  • Learn those Powershell commands and don’t forget that Azure CLI does exists.
  • Experience with VNETs, Virtual Machines, ARM templates and Site to Site VPNs was key for my success

Hope it helps!

18 thoughts on “Get Ready: Exam 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

      1. Thanks Carlos, I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find this info!

        Can you mark questions and come back to them at the end?

        It’s a while since I’ve done an MS exam and I’m sitting this one tomorrow.


        1. Sure you can mark them and then come back but just for each section. Once you end a case study you cannot go back to those. They explain this to you innthe tutorial you take before the exam.

          Good luck!!!

  1. Congrats Carlos, I have taken this exam twice and bombed. Hoping to pick up new content and give it another shot. Any thoughts on study habits and any powershell training.

  2. Passed this last week with a score of 800. The case study was based on linux VMs. Even though there were no ARM Template questions the exam was quite tough. Measureup is a good resource.

  3. Actually Carlos, is the 70-534 exam a big step up from 70-533. I put in about 250 hours preparation for 70-533 and am wondering what effort is involved in 70-534?

    1. 70-534 is more solution oriented than 70-533. I think you have more experience in infrastructure and you also just cleared 70-533 so you already have that part of the exam covered. You’ll need to focus more on the Dev side and understand the services and how you can call them via the sdk (i.e Azure Storage). Also it’s very important to know what services you can use in any given situation in order to be able to design cloud solutions.

      I start studying for the exams at least 2 months in advance, with a minimum of 1h per day.

      Hope it helps.

  4. Congrats Carlos!
    I am wondering if it is recommended to take this exam as a first step to MS certifications ? What do you think ?


  5. Hey Carlos , today i tried my first attempt couldn’t made it , i did spent lot of time with the Azure Free tier , i am not good with powershell though i used ISE , i have used Skill soft training and measureup practice test , i was very surprised with the test format , i had 52 questions with 2 hours , i just barely made it to the last question did’nt had chance to review as well , i need know whether anyone cleared it on 2017 test. This is difficult to crack , but i will get there . Thanks Carlos for the blog its really helpful to share the feedback.

  6. Hey Carlos, I just sat and passed the 70-533 exam yesterday. It was quite difficult but after a year of studying it paid off. Thanks for your PowerShell link.

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