First steps with .NET Core Tools MSBuild “alpha”

On November 16th, Microsoft announced the .NET Core Tools MSBuild “alpha”. I’ve been developing .Net Core applications with Visual Studio Code for a while now, and I needed to try the new tooling.

In this post I’ll show you which were my First steps with .NET Core Tools MSBuild “alpha”

1. Installing .NET Core SDK 1.0 Preview 3 build 004056
2. Creating a Sample Console Application
3. There is no Intellisense for csproj files
4. The csproj file does not target .Net Core 1.1 by default
5. Create launch.json
6. Create task.json
7. Restore packages
8. Run and debug the application
9. Side by side with project.json tooling (no migration)

Hope it helps!

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