After reading .NET Core on Raspberry Pi and successfully running a console application on Windows 10 IoT Core on my Raspberry Pi 3 I decided to write: Step by step: Running ASP.NET Core on Raspberry Pi.

First be aware of the following prerequisites:

Now let’s start:

1. Create a folder for your new project
2. Create a global.json file
3. Create the ASP.NET Core project
4. Modify the project file
5. Add a Nuget.config file and restore packages
6. Modify Program.cs
7. Publish the application
8. Copy libuv.dll
9. Copy the files to your Raspberry
10. Run the application

You should be good to go and be able to browse on port 5000 of you RPi.

Get the code here:

Hope it helps!

12 thoughts on “Step by step: Running ASP.NET Core on Raspberry Pi

  1. Following the instructions, I didn’t get a NuGet.config that pointed to the right myget feed. You need one that has something like this to have restore work with 2.0 daily builds.

      1. I am using 2.0.0-preview1-005448 of the SDK. The problem is that `dotnet new mvc` hasn’t been updated to include NuGet.config. `dotnet new console` does do it.

  2. You can get rid of the whole win7-arm and then copy stuff by just referencing this package directly. There was a fix in that package in Nov that made it work properly:

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