On April 22 I had the great opportunity to give a talk on Azure Functions in the Global Azure Bootcamp hosted in Madrid. I had a great time, but weeks later when the video was published I realised that I was using a filler word way to much through my presentation.

My ears were hurting and then came the need to know how many times I said the word. So I took this as an opportunity to learn a bit about Azure Media Services.

The following gif will show you to Use Azure Media Services to Find Filler Words without any automation, just using the portal and a text editor such as Visual Studio Code.

The results showed that I used the word"vale" (Ok in Spain) a total of 289 times, almost an average of 6 per min. So yes I do have to improve my skills as a speaker and yes Media Services rocks!.

This is the video of my talk (In spanish): Track 2 SesiĆ³n 7 -Azure Functions: Hasta la vista Server

Hope it helps!