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My kubectl Cheat Sheet

This is a small kubectl Cheat Sheet with the list of commands and settings I use, almost on a daily basis, when working with kubernetes.

Get version and cluster information

Get kubectl version

kubectl --version

Get cluster information

kubectl cluster-info

Check cluster nodes

kubectl get nodes

Get running services

kubectl get services -w --all-namespaces


List all available contexts

kubectl config get-contexts

Get current context

kubectl config current-context

Change the context

kubectl config use-context [context name]



kubectl apply -f [yaml definition file]

Get deployment definition

kubectl get deployment [deployment name] -o yaml

Update the image of a deployment

kubectl set image deployment/[deployment name] [container name]=[image tag]

Set autoscale for a deployment

kubectl autoscale deployment [deployment name] --min=2 --max=5 --cpu-percent=80

Delete a deployment

kubectl delete -f [yaml definition file]

Get secret definition

kubectl get secret [secret name] -o yaml

Force delete a pod

kubectl delete pod [pod name] --grace-period=0 --force


Read a pod’s log

kubectl logs [pod name] -n [namespace name]


Install kubernetes dashboard

kubectl apply -f

Hope it helps!