Today I’ll show you how to use dotnet-addcasa: a .NET Core global tool to add CodeAnalysis and Stylecop checks to your projects.

If you want to manually add those checks or understand the tool internals check my post: .NET Core, Code Analysis and StyleCop

1. Prerequisites#

You’ll need .NET Core SDK 2.1.300-preview1 installed.

2. Install the dotnet-addcasa .NET Core tool#

To install dotnet-addcasa as a global tool run:

1dotnet tool install -g dotnet-addcasa

3. Add Code Analysis and StyleCop checks to your projects#

To add CodeAnalysis and StyleCop to all your projects run the following command from the root folder of your solution or workspace.

1dotnet addcasa

The tool is a work in progress so feel free to contribute here

Hope it helps!