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What I Learned From Hacktoberfest 2020

Hacktoberfest® is an open global event where people all around de globe contribute to open source projects.

The idea behind Hacktoberfest® is great, in my opinion it encourages and motivates contributions specially from those who don’t know where to start with OSS, but saddly what we saw this year was many people, let’s call them trolls, spamming repos with useless pull requests in order to claim the nice tee. The Hacktoberfest® organization reacted quickly to fix the situation and the rules of the game have been changed: the event is now offically opt-in only for projects and mantainers.

Now let me tell you a bit of what I did:

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes:

I learned how to enable container monitoring on Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes and in the process I noticed that in the documentation a powershell command was using curl instead of Invoke-WebRequest so I sumbited the following PR: Replacing wget with iwr in the powershell sample


I continued learning about K8Spin: a nice OOS project which adds three new hierarchy concepts (Organizations, Tenants, and Spaces) to your kuberneets clusters in order to enable multi-tenancy.

Collaborating with the K8Spin team was great and I fixed two issues:

As a bonus also added a PR to add a developer container to their repo in other to enable Codespaces and help any newcomer to start contributing avoiding python and other dependencies setup: Adding dev container definition


  • I continued my journey learning and collaborating with Dapr and this time I submited a PR to remove a component from Dapr
  • I hade some SEO issues with my blog and it turns out the the theme I use was not adding [the post title as part of the correspoing tag(

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